She wanted to bring honor back to her family’s name and to save her people…
Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan…

When Jaiya takes her twin brother’s place on a diplomatic mission to end a war that’s been raging since her childhood, she discovers how it all really began.

Disguised as a young male diplomat, Jaiya meets Prince Idris—her greatest rival in their space battles—his royal assistant, Erlyn—who never leaves his side—and is assigned to be guarded by Raizxl—who blames humans for losing his mate.

If she cannot convince her people and the enemy to put aside their differences and choose peace instead of war, she risks returning as a traitor to her race instead of as a hero.

The longer she’s in their presence, the more she feels at home amongst those in their space station.

Determined to save their people at any cost, something about them calls to her—and she does not know why.

When they discover the truth, will they be able to get past her betrayal to work toward peace? Or will it only add fuel to the fires of war?

A life for a life.

With piercing amber eyes, fins, and sharp teeth, he was both terrifying and beautiful.

A shark saved me after my ex-boyfriend tried to kill me.
Ever since that fateful night, a sharkman has haunted my dreams, begging me to aid him.

When I start my new job working for my grandfather at his underwater aquatic lab,
I run into the rescuer that everyone insists is a figment of my imagination.

Now I’m drawn to the mysterious and captive creature being held in the high-security facility.
As I become aware of his inhumane treatment, I decide to risk everything to assist him in escaping.

We must avoid being apprehended by government agents while seeking assistance from others along the way.
Our journey draws us closer together, and I find myself falling in love with this magnificent aquatic male.

I must choose between remaining on Earth with a target on my back,
or leaving with my newfound love to begin a new life among the stars.

Change can wait.

When we were attacked, our dream cruise went down in flames.
Rescued by a Naga prince, he swears to protect me for a price—I have to agree to become his mate.

If I do, I will not only save myself, but also those who have crashed here with me.
If I don’t, his clan will leave our fate to the stars.

I resist at first, but the more I get to know this crimson male, I find myself increasingly captivated by his charm.
As my heart becomes entwined with his over time, I begin to wonder…will our people ever allow us to be together?